Flight Attendant Goes Viral For Flight Cancellation Tips

A flight attendant has gone viral for giving us the tips we need for flight cancellations.

Natalie, who is an airline employee and blogger, has a few things to keep in mind if your flight is cancelled.

To start you should “always Google ‘Bill of Rights’ with the airline name. It will let you know what your rights are as a customer and what kind of compensation you would get for being on the tarmac for an hour, or if maybe you’ve been in the airport for five hours, what you get for that," she said.

She also wants to make sure you "download the app, the airline app … you’ll probably get up to date notifications more than the airline employees."

And last, but not least. She explained, “For a cancellation and you booked through a third party like Expedia, Priceline or a travel agent, usually the airline will roll you over to the next available flight"

Below are a few more tips and tricks to keep in your pocket for future use.

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