Nashville Zoo's After Dark Light Show-- Night Visions-- Is Open

The Nashville Zoo has a fun new light show happening until July 17th.

The Night Visions light and sound show starts after the sun goes down and runs from Thursday to Sunday every week through the middle of summer.

"It's a bit dreamlike. It's definitely, definitely very imaginative. We took kind of a different take on our work we added a lot of animals to the music to the sounds and to the content," said Ricardo Rivera, creative director and owner of Klip Collective Principal. His company is known for making all kinds of sensory experiences, but the Nashville Zoo is the first zoo they're creating anything for.

In the creation of this experience, he specifically focused on the animals in the zoo. "We cross-referenced the animals that were here and cross-reference that with nocturnal animals, and we came up with a certain set of heroes that we use throughout," Rivera said.

Single night admission is $23 for adults and $19 for children. Many other attractions will be open during the Night Visions experience like the DinoTrek and the Wild Animal Carousel, Unseen New World exhibit (certain nights between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.), and Adventure 4D Theater and Soaring Eagle Zip Line (additional fee)

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