Arizona Iced Tea Founder Explains How His 99-Cent Cans Stay The Same Price

The founder of Arizona Iced Tea, Don Vultaggio, has never strayed from his price point of 99-cents per can. Despite inflation and other outside factors, that can has been 99-cents since its inception in 1992.

Now we know why everything else around us has gone up in price, but our beloved Arizonas have never changed.

Turns out that Vultaggio is just a decent man who wants people to enjoy his product without worrying about the price. He recently told the "Los Angeles Times," “I’m committed to that 99-cent price—when things go against you, you tighten your belt. I don’t want to do what the bread guys and the gas guys and everybody else are doing. Consumers don’t need another price increase from a guy like me.”

When talking with "Today" he added, “To me, the worst day as a salesman is to go to a retailer and say, ‘Hey, by the way, I’m raising the price on that can today.’ Our point is what you want to do is have a customer come in and get a fair value on a can of tea or juice and then buy other things in your store to offset those costs… Everything (people are) buying today there’s a price increase on. We’re trying to hold the ground and hold for a consumer who is pinched on all fronts.”

I will add that Vultaggio is worth around $3 billion, but everyone else who is hiking prices is also worth an insane amount of money so no one has an excuse.

without worrying about the price. He told "The Los Angeles Times" that,

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