Bad Bunny Will Star In New Marvel Movie

Bad Bunny will star in the new Marvel movie "El Muerto." This will make Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, the first Latino superhero lead in a Marvel movie.

"El Muerto" is set to be a stand alone "Spider-Man" spin-off. El Muerto is a wrestler with super powers from a mask that's been passed down in his family. He originally fought Spider-Man in a wrestling match where he almost revealed who Spider-Man was behind his mask. In the end, the two of them team up for the same cause... to get El Dorado.

“This opportunity to bring El Muerto to life, it’s amazing. It’s incredible,” Bad Bunny said during a Sony panel at CinemaCon. “I love wrestling, I grew up watching wrestling and now I’m a wrestler … I think it’s the perfect role for me. It will be epic, I’m sure.”

The movie is set to release January 12, 2024.

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