Teens Arrested After Trying Out TikTok Challenge On Broadway

TikTok is known for terrible challenges, most of which end up being super dangerous.

Over the weekend, a handful of teens were arrested for partaking in one of these dangerous challenges called the Orbeez/Splat challenge. This challenge involves sticking the Orbeez in an Orbeez gun and shooting them at unsuspecting people. Then they post the video on TikTok for views.

Four teens decided to try their hand at the challenge while driving down Broadway in Downtown Nashville. They were all arrested by police officers after they not only found Orbeez guns inside the vehicle, but a loaded handgun as well.

A spokesperson for the Metro Nashville Police Department said, “We, the police department, take this behavior very seriously.”

Two of them were booked at juvenile court as they were 17-years-old and the other two were booked as adults.

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