TIKTOK TREND: What Is 'Dirty Soda'?

TikTok trends are popular for people of all ages, across the world. Some are completely insane, some are funny, and some are educational.

The latest trend that's taken over TikTok is the "dirty soda" trend. What's unique about this specific one is that it was already a thing before TikTok took it over. "Dirty soda" is pretty popular in Utah, as that seems to be where it originated.

"Dirty soda" is a concoction made of multiple different flavors of soda, sometimes flavored syrups or juices or dairy/non-dairy creamers are added.

One particularly popular type of "dirty soda" is called a "dirty coke"-- which is made of Diet Coke, coconut coffee creamer, and lime juice.

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