TikTokkers Promote Mother's Day Strike In The Name Of Abortion Rights

TikTokkers have been promotion a Mother's Day strike in retaliation of the news that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Mother's Day Strike would "break the economy over the course of one week" as it calls for everyone to cease all economic activity during the span of the strike.

The official website calls on people to abstain from work, shopping, entertaining, and running a household.

For those who cannot do that, they offer alternatives like: stocking up on groceries before the strike begins, spreading the word on social media, donating to vetted organizations, and supporting those who are striking.

The goals of the strike are:

  • to end the filibuster
  • enact the Women's Health Protection Act
  • federally coding Roe v. Wade into law
  • term limits for Supreme Court Justices
  • limit the number of Supreme Court Justices a single administration can appoint

According to the initial TikTok by akcrucial, the strike is inspired by Iceland's 1975 national women's strike. It's when "90 percent of women in the country decided to demonstrate their importance by going on strike."

For more information on the strike, you can visit their website here.

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