Billionaires Sent To Space Weren't Expecting To Work So Hard

A few billionaires recently spent $55-million to take a trip to the ISS (International Space Station). When they made it up to low Earth orbit, they didn't realize they would have to work so hard.

The passengers aboard the Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission admitted they had no idea the hard work they'd have to put in while on the ISS. They said during a press conference that they tried to squeeze in too many duties, which put strain on them and the astronauts they were with.

They were sent into space on an 8 night expedition, which ended up being more like 15 days. They were tasked with experiments on holoportation, human cells, and high-precision optical lenses. One experiment that was meant to take two and a half hours ended up taking double that amount of time. There were also days of unfavorable weather that caused the trip to last longer than expected.

Axiom is planning to send more billionaires into space soon and they hope to have some of the issues resolved by then.

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