Baby Yoda Almost Didn't Exist

Can you believe we almost missed out on all the gloriousness that is Baby Yoda?

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy recently told Vanity Fair that their was a chance the "Star Wars" series would be drastically different than it was.

Kennedy and Dave Filoni had many discussions about the idea of diving into Yoda's story. Most of which turned into serious debates. Filoni wanted to be sure he didn't tarnish the mystery George Lucas built around Yoda and his species. “Honestly, it’s something I never would’ve done because Yoda is Yoda,” Filoni says. “I think people now look back and think it was like a slam dunk, but we were very cautious. The amount of measuring, especially in the first season, for how we were framing this kid took a lot of effort.”

I know there are plenty of die-hard fans out there who may disagree, but I am so happy they didn't ditch Baby Yoda. Those adorable memes have made me so happy.

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