Dan Levy Says There Might Be A 'Schitt's Creek' Reunion Film

Dan Levy, one half of the duo who created the fan favorite "Schitt's Creek," has shared in a new interview that there's a possibility of a reunion film.

“My hope is that one day we can all get together. I see these people all the time. We’re in constant contact with each other,” Levy shared. “So the love is there. The desire to work together is there, and the desire to tell more stories is there.”

He went into further detail by saying, “I think when you have an audience that's paid attention to you for 80 episodes of a television show, the last thing you want is to put something out that makes them think this feels like a cash grab and that's not what we’re about. So TBD, but a TBD with an exclamation mark on the end.”

He first teased the idea of a reunion film in December of last year. Though there are no updates on when it would happen, it seems the dream is still alive!

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