The Pizza Shop Phone Number In 'Stranger Things' Actually Works

"Stranger Things" added a fun little Easter egg to the latest season.

Argyle, a new character, is Jonathan's bestie in his new home of California. He's the classic hipper, surfer dude from Cali who also happens to be a pizza boy.

He's seen driving the Surfer Boy Pizza van all around town with the Byer brothers. Someone noticed there's a number on the side of the van and wondered if it was a functional one.

Turns out 805-45-PIZZA is indeed a working number and will send you to a voice recording from Argyle himself!

Others have said they got a different recording. It's of a man saying, "The phone number you just dialed is now active.” It's followed by a brief pause and a single beep that sounds like an answering machine recording.

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