The Colorado Avalanche Damaged The Stanley Cup

The Colorado Avalanche are the holders of the Stanley Cup after beating the Lightning in Game 6.

They now join an elite group of teams who can say they've won the Stanley Cup Finals, as well as a small handful who have damaged the cup.

While still on the ice, winger Nicolas Aube-Kubel got so excited during the postgame celebration that he accidentally dented the cup. You can see in a video that as he's holding the Stanley Cup above his head and skating toward his team for a picture that he slips and slams the cup into the ice.

The "Keeper of the Cup," Philip Pritchard, said this is the first time the Stanley Cup has been damaged on the ice.

It has been damaged multiple other times off the ice though. Most recently Patrick Maroon of the Lightning put a decent dent in it at Tampa's victory parade.

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