There's A New Deluxe LEGO Set Based On 'The Office'

LEGO created an "Office"-themed set a while back, but now they've expanded it to an even bigger and better set.

"The Office" deluxe set display takes place in the actual office setting and includes 15 characters-- with people like Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, Jim Halpert, Kevin Malone, Oscar Martinez, etc.

Twelve of the fifteen minifigures will have expressions on both sizes of their heads so you can turn them to change the way they look.

The set also comes with fun bonus props like Kevin's pot of chili, Dwight's stapler in Jell-O, and a "World's Best Boss" mug.

You can purchase the set for pre-order to be shipped October 1st.

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