Krispy Kreme Has New Donuts Inspired By Ice Cream Truck Treats

Krispy Kreme has new summer flavors!

The new Ice Cream Truck Donuts are a fun spin on the popsicles you'd find in your neighborhood ice cream truck. As of yesterday, you can find Firecracker, Creamsicle, and Vanilla King Cone donuts at your local Krispy Kreme!

They're brightly colored and look delightful.

The Firecracker is an Original Glazed Doughnut with blue icing dipped in blue raspberry sugar and topped with white and red icing.

Creamsicle is a classic donut filled with vanilla custard Kreme, Creamsicle-inspired icing, and finished off with a white icing drizzle and mini white and orange sprinkles.

You'll get a vanilla custard Kreme-filled donut that’s been covered in chocolate icing and topped with pieces of sugar cone and chopped peanuts with a drizzle of chocolate icing when you order a Vanilla King Cone.

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