Emmanuel The Emu Has Taken Over The Internet

Emmanuel the Emu has taken hold of the Internet in ways no one can.

His blast into fame all started because of his hatred for his caretaker's iPhone. Taylor Blake is her name and she's to be credited as the person who first posted about Emmanuel. Blake frequently posts TikToks of the animals she takes care of on a farm known as a "hobby in South Florida that focuses on miniature cattle."

During the videos, most of which are about OTHER animals on the farm, Emmanuel pops his head into frame and stares at the phone in close frame. That's where the now famous catchphrase comes into play "Emmanuel, don't do it!" Emmanuel, depending on his mood will either continue along his journey or continue to stare intensely into the camera.

Now the @knucklebumpfarm on TikTok is filled with similar videos of Emmanuel being a camera hog. They have close to a million followers and over 23 million likes.

"My emails and DMs have been absolutely flooded. I am slightly overwhelmed, but want you all to know that I’m doing my best! I appreciate every email and inquiry," Blake said.

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