Elon Musk Is Creating His Own Social Platform

Elon Musk made headlines recently for his interest in buying Twitter.

Then he made even more headlines for trying to back out of the deal he made with Twitter to buy them out. Now it seems he's trying to make his own social media platform.

Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley tweeted at Elon asking if he would start his own platform if his deal didn't go through with Twitter. He responded to the tweet with the link to a website. The website X.com was bought by Musk in 2017, according to Yahoo Finance. Right now X.com will lead you to a blank webpage with a small "x" in the top left side of the screen.

If he has to go through with his deal of buying Twitter for $44-billion then this website will probably just end up as a landing page for some other Tesla or SpaceX product. If not, it may be one more social media platform to add to your daily scrolling. Only time will tell.

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