Ice Cream Bars Infused With Beer And Tobacco Smoke Are The New Craze

Miller High Life and Tipsy Scoop have created a new dessert... Dive Bars.

Dive Bars are supposed to match elements of actual Dive Bars with Miller High Life flavored ice cream, a hint of tobacco smoke, peanuts, and caramel swirls.

For $36 a pack and for a limited time, you can purchase 6-packs of ice cream dive bars here.

“Every sense is accounted for,” the brand representative says. “The flavors are directly inspired by the distinct tastes, sights, smells and the general feel of a dive bar. High Life being a dive bar staple, peanuts on almost every dive bar top, caramel mimics the sticky beer-drenched floor your shoes stick to, vanilla smoke provides that distinct, smokey dive aroma, carbonated candy matching the signature effervescence of High Life, and dark chocolate to give the optic of dark, moody lighting.”

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