Woman Goes Viral For Her Fear Of Michael Jackson

A woman went viral for her fear of Michael Jordan.

She was out at a club with friends when a Michael Jackson impersonator got close to her table. In the video, you can see her fear grow in real time.

“I have a genuine fear of Michael Jackson," she said. "It all started when I was younger at about five years old. My sister and my cousin used to show me creepy edited videos of him that people made and conspiracy theories that he’s alive."

Turns out that there's a word for this-- Michaelphobia-- which leads you to believe she can't be the only one with this fear.

“It wasn’t until half an hour in that I heard the start of ‘Thriller’ playing and I instantly started panicking,” Ruby Marriott, 18, told South West News Service about the viral video.

In the video, you see Marriott sobbing in her chair and avoiding eye contact with the Michael Jackson impersonator.

She said she was so frightened that when she went home, she kept her boyfriend on the phone with her until she fell asleep.

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