Instagram Is Getting A New Feature That Mimics BeReal

Instagram is ready to copy yet another popular app. This time they've set their sights on BeReal.

If you don't know what BeReal is, it's a new app that has the mission of bringing your real life to the forefront. Everyone knows Instagram is a highlight reel of our best moments. BeReal combats the idea of a "perfect" life by asking all its users to post a picture at a different time each day. Users have two minutes to post what they're doing and what they look like in that moment. No time to get full glam or to plan a vacay and there are no filters.

Instagram has seen the success of the app and decided to roll out their own version-- "Candid Challenge." According to screenshots of the feature, posted by a mobile developer, the feature will have a two minute time limit every day to post what you're doing in the moment.

No word on if this feature will be available to the daily Instagram user or when it would be available. “This feature is an internal prototype, and not something we're testing,” a Meta spokesperson told Elite Daily in an email on Aug. 23.

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