The New Uber Safety Toolkit Is Here With Two New Features

Uber has announced a total overhaul of their safety features on the app.

As Uber has become more and more a part of our lives, they have had their fair share of scary situations for passengers. Users have asked for updated features to be installed in the app to help ensure their safety. There is now a redesigned safety toolkit in their app, as well as two new features.

Passengers will now be able to connect with an ADT Safety Agent for “those less critical moments" and the new toolkit also include the widespread rollout of text to 911, which they've been testing since 2019 in Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Indiana.

“When someone uses the text to 911 feature, the Uber app will pre-populate the initial message with vehicle details, location, and destination information, so you can quickly communicate that information to emergency dispatchers,” said Lead Safety Product Manager Rebecca Payne.

While 911 will always ask that people call them in an emergency, the text feature is helpful in situations where a passenger may feel that calling would put them in more danger.

Text to 911 is not available in all of Tennessee.

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