This Is The Psychology Behind Why We Love Pumpkin Spice So Much

Pumpkin Spice is the most exciting part of fall for a lot of people.

Every year, we wait for the moment Starbucks and Dunkin announce they'll start to sell Pumpkin Spice Lattes again and every year they push the date further and further into the summer months.

You may wonder why the craze for the PSL continues and hasn't died out over the last 20 years.

Luckily, Dr. Jordan Gaines Lewis looked into it. According to Lewis, there are a few reason why we love the Pumpkin Spice so much. There's intrigue behind it, since it's only around for a limited time every year. We experience FOMO when we can't get it for the better part of the year. When it is finally available again, the nostalgia of it makes it impossible to pass on.

So you can blame FOMO and nostalgia for the reason it takes you an extra 15-20 minutes in the morning to get your coffee.

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