These Are The Coolest New Features Found In The iOS16 Update Coming Today

There are a bunch of new features coming to your iPhone today. Here are a few of the coolest things you can do with the new update that will be available today at 10 PM ET.

Customize Your Lock Screen

There are new options with your lock screen like a new Weather wallpaper with live weather conditions and an Astronomy wallpaper that provides views of the Earth, Moon, and Solar System. You can also use multiple Lock Screen designs at once. You can switch between your favorites with a swipe. You can also change the colors and fonts used for the time on your lock screen as well as the new widgets!

Edit or Unsend iMessage

You can now edit a message for up to 15 minutes after it was sent. The sender will see that it was edited. There's also a feature where you can mark texts as unread so you can come back to it later.

Track Online Apple Pay Payments

You can now see when you'll receive anything you buy online with Apple Pay. The new tracker works a lot like any other mail tracker where you'll be able to see when the package is shipping, in route, and delivered.


Now you can close your rings without wearing your Apple Watch. There's a new fitness update that looks just like your Apple Watch.


There's a new feature in photos where you can cut out objects from a picture to copy and paste into other places.

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