Here's Queen Elizabeth II's Famous Recipe For Drop Scones (Pancakes)

Queen Elizabeth II's passing has a lot of people looking back fondly on her life, which is why her famous drop scone recipe is making its rounds on the Internet.

Drop scones are essentially the British version of a pancake. She had a very specific recipe she used that was even given to President Eisenhower 63 years ago. (They were friends so it's assumed he loved her drop scones so much that he wanted to have the recipe so they could make them in the states, too.)

The recipe is fairly simple and the biggest difference between these and pancakes is that drop scones use a thicker batter, are smaller in diameter, and you should eat them with butter and jam. One Buzzfeed writer said, "They are delightfully chewy with a dense, pound cake–like consistency. They were great with some dollops of butter and jam. I would highly recommend everyone start making these instead of traditional American pancakes."

Here's the recipe, if you're interested in trying them for yourself!

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