7-Eleven x Crocs Collection Is Vibrant And Fun

The convenience store 7-Eleven has their own Crocs line!

With this line of Crocs, you have three different silhouettes to choose from in a variety of 7-Eleven themed color schemes. The vibrant red, white, orange, and green mixes well with their special (and very large) Jibbitz. The charms to choose from are the 7-Eleven logo, a Slurpee, a Big Bite Hot Dog, coffee, pizza, a hamburger, and a taco. The Slurpee is specifically large as it sticks out of the shoe in a 3-D fashion.

Before you can purchase the line, they're doing drawings for a few winners.

They did a drawing to give away the Mega Crush Clog already. The next drawing is on November 7th (clever) for the Classic Clogs and Sandals. After all the drawings are complete, you can purchase the 7-Eleven x Crocs Mega Crush Clog for $110, $70 for the 7-Eleven x Crocs Classic Clog and $50 for the 7-Eleven x Crocs Classic Sandal.

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