This Is How Much It Would Cost To Stay At The Resorts In 'White Lotus'

Everyone fell in love with the "White Lotus" in season one and the love grew even more in season two. Is it because of the characters? Are we just obsessed with true crime mysteries? Or do we enjoy watching the rich being rich? If you like it because you get to watch rich people be weird rich people, in gorgeous settings, then this is going to blow your mind.

You're about to find out exactly how rich these rich people are since someone else (not me) took the time to research just how much it costs to stay at the resorts in season one and two of "White Lotus."

Season one was actually filmed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. The suite Tanya stayed at costs on average $9,600 a night in May. Six nights turns into $57,600 plus taxes, which in total is about $67,632. The honeymooners, on the other hand, spent around $204,306 total for their stay.

When you get into the extra amenities and activities, the number gets even more insane. Tanya probably spent around $1,105 on her massages. All her meals on the resort were an average of $56 a meal, without adding her alcoholic beverages. The private yacht she took to scatter her mom's ashes had a price unlisted, so you know it was A LOT of money.

Season two was filmed at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace. The suite Tanya stayed at costed her $48,094 with tax for her seven night stay. The additional cost of her assistant's stay was probably around $13,874 for the trip. An average bill for a meal at this Four Seasons was around $178. Her Vespa trip with Greg was relatively cheap at around $100. No saying what her tarot card reading cost. She was lucky this time around (kinda). Most of her extravagant moments were paid for by her "friends."

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