WATCH: Harry Styles Rips His Pants In The Middle Of Concert Performance

Doesn't matter how rich or famous you are... you can still have embarrassing moments.

Harry Styles is the arguably one of the biggest stars in the world and he was just faced with one while he was performing at The Forum in Los Angeles last night.

In the middle of giving an electric show, he got down on one knee and his pants ripped right in the crotch. The whole thing just busted open, right in the faces of those with floor tickets.

You can see in the videos below how his face/demeanor changed the moment he noticed, but he continued on with a smile on his face. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and he handled this with such grace!

OH... and Jennifer Aniston happened to be there when it happened... his first celebrity crush. There's some speculation on Twitter that he was trying to impress her, which lead to exaggerated performance and the Crotch Ripping of 2023.

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