Guy Asks Smash Mouth to Perform at Birthday Party

Remember Smash Mouth? No? Let me jog your memory - they're the guys that sang "All Star" and "I'm A Believer" in one of the greatest movies of all time - Shrek! 

I bet you wanna watch it now, huh? Don't worry, I gotchyu! 

I'd like to see you try not to sing along when that song comes on because its literally impossible. Its definitely a crowd pleaser, which must be why LA based producer, Andrew Goldstein, wants the band to play at his birthday party.

While the band didn't 100% commit, I think its safe to say the challenge is on, but with one tiiiiiny catch - Goldstein has to wear a different piece of merch every single day of the month!

So now the search is on and Goldstein has to find 31 different pieces of merchandise. Last I checked, he's up to 13 pieces so if you've got some Smash Mouth merch to spare, hit him up! 

But now I'm wondering...does the band even have 31 pieces of merch? Or is this the band's way of trying to get some press and they know Goldstein can't complete the challenge???

And more importantly, how do I get an invite to this party?

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