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Nashville Bars Top the List of Best Arcade Bars

Is there anything better than playing Mario Kart while drinking a beer? Nope. You feel like a kid again, so you feel super rebellious for drinking, but then you remember you're 26 and you're a strong independent woman that can do whatever you want. I don't know if I'm just losing my mind with age or I'm just so into playing the game and feeling like I'm 13 again, but I tend to forget my age a lot.

Anywho...who doesn't like playing video games while grabbing a beer? I guess that's why there's been so many arcade bars opening up recently and lucky for us, Nashville is home to two of the best in the country!

According to Game Informer (idk if that's a legit news source, but just go with it), Nashville's Headquarters Beercade and Kung Fu Saloon have topped the list. To check out their full list of the best beer arcades in America, just click here. I might just have to plan some vacations around these places...

All photos courtesy of HQ Beercade + @HQ_Nashville

There are VERY few things that would ever make me venture down towards Broadway, but HQ Beercade is definitely worth dealing with a few tourists. 

The place is filled with pinball machines and video games, but my favorite thing about this place is the art! There are just so many Instagram photo ops, like a wall of old school cassette tapes, an art piece made of all Shel Silverstein books, and a neon sign for all of us that are still trying to pretend we don't have to grow up.


All photos courtesy of Kung Fu Saloon

If Midtown is more your style, Kung Fu Saloon is the one for you. Its basically a Chuck E. Cheese for adults filled with ski ball, Mario Kart, racing games, basketball hoops, and more. I may or may not have forced my friends to take me here for my birthday just so I could play ski ball. 

Not only are their games fun, but their food & drinks are amazing!!

OTHER LOCATIONS: Austin, Dallas, Houston

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