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The Slender Man Trailer is Creepy AF

If you haven't heard of Slender Man, he's a FICTIONAL character that started on some weird website called "CreepyPasta" in 2009 and its super creepy. Side note: what kind of name is Creepy Pasta?

He's a really tall, unnaturally skinny dude that wears a black suit. And aside from the fact that he's faceless, he looks exactly like G-Eazy. Let's take a look, shall we?

Not convinced? How about G-Eazy in a black suit? Yeah...I'm a little suspicious. 

Anyway, enough about of my "G-Eazy is Slender Man" conspiracy theory*...that's not what this is about. Long story short, Slender Man is a really creepy dude that stalks and traumatizes kids. Stories about him began back in 2009 as just that...stories, but things took a scary turn when kids started to take it way too seriously. Some kids became so convinced that he was real that they became violent toward other kids. There was even an incident where a young girl was nearly killed by her friends because of "Slender Man". You can read more about him and the case HERE.

Back in 2016 it was announced that there would be a movie based on the story of Slender Man and the trailer is FINALLY here...and its terrifying. The movie will follow the story of four friends that perform a ritual in an attempt to prove that Slender Man isn't real, but then one of them goes missing...DUN DUN DUN

Check out the trailer below

You're probably really creeped out after watching that, so here's a gif of Slender Man twerking.

*Disclaimer: I don't ACTUALLY think G-Eazy is Slender Man

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