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Literally Just a Bunch of Food Deals

Literally nothing makes me happier than getting food or drinks for cheap. Maybe that's pathetic, but whatever...its exciting. So let's just take a look at all the deals we can get this month!


Okay, so let me just start by saying that Applebee's holds a special place in my heart. Back in college, my friends and I would go there every week for half off apps (see, I told you I like getting cheap food), so it always just makes me think of college. 

All throughout January, they're offering us killer deals. ENDLESS riblets, chicken tenders, AND fries for only $13! If that doesn't get you excited, just know that they're also offering $2 Blue Moon drafts, which just so happens to be my favorite beer. Soooo you know where to find me in January. 

Taco Bell

Let's be honest, everything on the Taco Bell menu is the same. Its just different combinations of the same five ingredients. NOT ANYMORE! Starting January 25th, they'll start serving Nacho Fries! Yep, you heard me, FRIES! They're pretty simple - just seasoned fries and some nacho cheese sauce. But, you can get order them "supreme" or "bell grande" with a bunch of toppings. 😍

The best part is...its only $1!!! But they won't be offering ketchup soooo idk how I feel about that.


I don't mess around when it comes to pancakes. Last night, I got up in the middle of the night just to make some some...idk if I was having a dream about 'em or what but 2am me NEEDED pancakes. Its probably safe to say that I crave them at least 2-3 times a week.

Looks like I won't have to make them myself now 'cause IHOP just announced that they're bringing back their All You Can Eat Pancakes for $3.99 deal. And not just for a couple days. SIX WEEKS!!! 

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