Third Wheeling Best Man

My best friend are her boyfriend are literally the cutest thing on Earth. I mean, just look at them! SO CUTE!

Well, since I'm still single, I've basically joined their relationship as a permanent third wheel. the point that people probably think we're into polygamy (we're not, by the way). So when I saw this couple's "third wheel engagement photos" I knew what my future had in store for me. If/when these two get married, you better believe I'm gonna be in those pictures!

When Brittney and Kody got engaged, they made the best of their "third wheel" situation by inviting Mitch to join them in their photo shoot. So many people loved the photo that they took it a step further and invited him into the wedding day photos too! 

Now THAT is the kind of third wheel I wanna be. I've got big dreams for my future. But Mitch single?? 👀

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