Shaun White Had a Major Glow Up

I've always loved extreme sports, but never more than I do now because I just found out about Shaun White's MAJOR glow up! Yes, I know, I'm late to the party but OMG!! I'm ready for the 2018 Olympics!!


Up until this week, when I heard the name "Shaun White", this is what I imagined:



Some time in the last idk how many years, he chopped off his hair and became gorgeous AF! I mean, LOOK AT THIS GLOW UP!!

That hair!!


That body!


That dog!!


Those teeth!!!




YOU GUYS...This is just too much! Like, how am I supposed to go on with my day after learning this? I can't deal. 

Let's take one last look at this transformation!



Robin is obsessed with dogs and true crime, swears more than a "lady" should, and constantly changes her colored hair!


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