Kids Bribe Superintendent for a Snow Day

When I was a kid, my friends and I were a tad bit superstitious when it came to snow days, which were VERY rare where we came from. We always had some kind of "lucky charm" that we'd sleep with in hopes of getting another snow day. They never worked, but a kid can dream! I just wish we had been as smart as these kids in Hillsboro, Missouri! 

As soon as snow started hitting the ground in the St. Louis area, students started hoping for a snow day and candy started showing up on Superintendent Doc Cornman's doorstep.

Apparently this wasn't the first time he's received candy bribes either! According to the superintendent, he's even been promised cookies by a local Girl Scout Troop! The kids never knock, just leave the candy on the porch for him to find as a surprise 😂Unfortunately, it didn't work out for the went on as planned :(

But the BEST part is that another St. Louis area superintendent got mysterious bribe candy too!

So my question is...when is someone in Nashville gonna catch onto this trend?

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