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UPDATE: There's New Evidence on a JoBros Reunion


Alright ladies, try to control yourself. There's even MORE evidence to support a possible Jonas Brothers reunion! Joe and Kevin (still waiting for Nick) have both posted the exact same photo. Idk exactly what this means buuuuuttt something is going on here. Looks like they're scheming 👀

See for yourself:

Original Post:

It's been 1,540 days since the worst day in music history...the day the Jonas Brothers confirmed their breakup.

I remember exactly where I was when the news broke. I was interning for The River at the time and I had just gotten to work. My bosses had to take me to Chipotle to cheer me up. I was devastated!

Ever since that day, I've been praying for a reunion, so to find out that they reactivated their Instagram was like finding out that I won the lottery or something! I'm pretty sure this means there's a chance!

And honestly, I think I can claim credit for this possible reunion. Last week JJ and I filled in for Wells during Slide in Them DMs and suggested a reunion...and now look where we are! You want proof? Here's your proof! You're welcome Jonas fans!

So what's got us thinking that this reunion is possible, you ask? There's so much evidence!

1) The three of them HAVE been hanging out a lot lately. Like...with Kevin...which is pretty rare honestly. 

2) Ryan Liestman (former keyboardist for the JoBros) posted a photo with the boys

3) John Taylor (don't act like you don't know who that is...NO WAY, JOHN TAYLOR) recently followed the newly activated JoBros Instagram account 

4) Demian Arriage, who works alongside Nick, posted a photo on Instagram Stories. And what do we have here? An old school Jonas Brothers road case??

But here's where it gets good...Nick AND his dad posted about the band trending on Instagram last night!

Don't worry y'all! As an experienced creeper, I WILL get to the bottom of this! And I WILL be front row at whatever reunion show they do!

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