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Twitter Reacts to a Possible JoBros Reunion

Rumors have been flying around lately about a possible Jonas Brothers reunion and I. AM. SHOOK. I was such a huge fan back in the day (and still am, honestly). 

I was a proud member of Team Jonas, I spent hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars on tickets to see them, I went to the midnight premiere of their movie, I dressed as Joe for Halloween, and I flashed the JB symbol everywhere I went. I even met one of my best friends, JJ, because of them. Check out her shrine to them! 😂😂 

So just like you, I am FREAKING OUT about the possibility of a reunion!! As always, Twitter has the best reactions 😂

But really...who would have seen this coming??

SO. MUCH. SHADE. But also true....

Me trying to get to the bottom of these rumors

Most iconic JoBro video of all time

Girl, same. I'm about to have my parents send me all my Jonas posters (which are still in my childhood bedroom, btw)

I've been saving $$ all my life for this moment!

There is so much evidence supporting this JoBro reunion theory, so at this point, I'm pretty much 100% convinced that this is happening! You want the proof? Here ya go!

So here's what I'm thinking...The Grammy's are coming up. Maybe this will be their chance to redeem themselves after the whole "Joe falling at the AMAs" fiasco!

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