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Tennessee's Most Romantic Date Spot

We're less than a month away from Singles Awareness Day Valentine's Day, so if you're in a relationship, you better start planning the perfect date!

 Business Insider put together a list of the most romantic date spot in every single state, so no matter where you are, you can plan a super lovey-dovey date! So where is Tennessee's most romantic date spot, you ask?

Fifty First Kitchen & Bar!

Fifty First Kitchen & Bar is just around the corner in The Nations (West Nashville) and its honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen! Its super casual and family friendly, which makes it perfect for a fun date-night! 

But the best part is....DOGS!!!! YEP. DOGS.

The outdoor patio opens up to a freakin' dog park!!! So you can bring your furry friends out on date-night too! Ya know what's even better? Its a heated patio!!

I may be single, but I'll still probably spend V-Day here just so I can play with other people's dogs. Is that weird? Maybe.

Curious to see what spot was voted "most romantic" in your home state? Click here for the full list! 

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