I Started a Podcast With My Friends and I'm V Excited About It

Over the summer, The River hosted our first ever "Girl Power Weekend" where we played girl power anthems all weekend long and focused on all the powerful women that make 107.5 The River possible. And honestly it wound up being an excuse to take a bunch of photos in the back alley at work! 😂😂

I mean, come on! Look how cute we are! But more importantly, it led to the idea of starting an all female podcast to discuss topics that affect women all across the world...and just random s***!

If I'm being honest, we don't really know what we're doing, but we saw a need for some female voices in the world of podcasts, so here we are. Your local friendly superheroes! 

We don't really know how to stay on topic for more than 2 minutes, so this week's episode covers pretty much everything - relationships, the Hawaii missile scare, fat-shaming, and experiences with a**holes that like to slip things in your drinks because they think its funny *eyeroll*

We're really excited about this podcast, but again...we're still trying to figure this thing out. That's where you come in...what do you wanna hear? Do you like the show? What would you change? Give us your feedback!

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