Shelter Worker Made a Tinder Profile for Her Favorite Pup

Honestly, my decision to swipe right on someone on Tinder is about 75% dependent on whether or not there is a dog in the photo. So if I came across Henry, you bet your a** I would superlike him!


Henry was picked up as a stray when he was just a pup and was placed on the kill list at a local shelter. Luckily, Animal Ark rescued him in February 2015 and that's where he met his best friend, Miranda Morrison! 

Henry and Miranda

After Henry had spent his third Christmas in the shelter, Miranda decided to take some action and find him a home! So, she got creative and created a Tinder profile for the pup, complete with adorable photos, bio, and the best job title on Earth - "Doggo at The Good Boy Corporation". Plus, he's even an Obedience School Graduate, which is basically the equivalent to Harvard, right?


Unfortunately, Henry didn't have much luck finding a new human on Tinder, but he did make a lot of friends! Probably due to his adorable pickup lines and obvious charm!

Even though Henry didn't have much luck on the app, he did get a lot of attention from local media outlets, which is exactly how Alexander Ognibene heard about the good boy. After having lost his own pup only a few months ago, he knew Henry was exactly what he needed in his life. So, he loaded up his car and drove ELEVEN hours go meet Henry and take him home!


Today, Henry lives with his new human and two sisters - a Shih Tzu named Lola and a Corgi named Clairee! 

If you're interested in adopting your own good boy or girl, definitely check out our friends at Animal Ark Rescue! There are still so many furry friends in need of a home. And let's all give a big round of applause to Miranda for being the best wing-woman a dog could ever have!



Robin is obsessed with dogs and true crime, swears more than a "lady" should, and constantly changes her colored hair!


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