Couple Recreates "This Is Us" Wedding Photos

From the looks of it, tonight's episode of This Is Us is going to be THE episode. Ya know, the one where we finally find out what happened to Jack. I think at this point we all know what's going to happen, but no one is ready for it.

But if there's anything that's gonna get you through this episode, its this couple's wedding photos! 

Karen Rainier is a photographer based in Westminster, MD and she shares the same love for This Is Us that we all do. After seeing Jack & Rebecca's wedding episode, she knew she needed to recreate it! 

But you can't recreate it with just anyone. You need the PERFECT couple. A couple that loves each other just as much as Jack & Rebecca. So, she reached out to some friends for help finding the perfect couple and that's exactly how she came across Peter & Emily. Who just so happen to look EXACTLY like Jack & Rebecca!

After getting to know the couple, Karen got to work on creating the perfect photo shoot, complete with a Pittsburgh Steelers terrible towel, handwritten wedding vows on the bathroom floor, and even the cupcake muffins that Rebecca made for Jack on their anniversary! Literally EVERYTHING about their photos is perfect!

Check out a few of our favorites below and click here for ALL the photos and the complete story.

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