Best Reactions to This Is Us

Last night's episode of This Is Us was a rough one. We still don't have ALL the answers we were looking for but at least now we know what caused the fire...a damn crock pot!!! It was also revealed that we will FINALLY get all the answers right after the Super Bowl. 

Naturally, Twitter had some things to say about the episode. All you really need to know is that crock pot sales are about to plummet. 

So true...Why even bother watching the Super Bowl at this point


Yep, this is pretty much a live look at my reaction


WHY?! You wanna know WHY we're mad at you!!! You know what you did


Honestly, I liked him at first but George is dead to me now


For real though. Y'all are about to be out of a job.


Not taking any damn chances.


But really. Don't expect me to be at work after the Super Bowl worst day in television history


Pretty much sums it up.



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