Nashville Store Releases T-Shirt to Celebrate JT's New Album

It's been a BIG week for Justin Timberlake! First, he turned 37 on Wednesday. Then, he dropped his latest album "Man of the Woods" on Friday. Plus, he's set to take the stage at halftime on Sunday! How can he do ALL of this and not even show the slightest bit of nervousness!? 

While a birthday, album release, and halftime performance are all great, I think the best thing to happen to JT this week is this shirt that Project 615 released! I mean, look how freakin' cool it is!

At first I thought this was just a cool looking lake with some mountains. But then, as I'm writing this blog, I realized that its his freakin' face!!! The clouds are his eyebrows...the birds are his eyes and nose! So this shirt just got about 100x cooler! 

If I'm being honest though, the shirt just reminds me of Justin's best Jimmy Fallon skit yet - Camp Winnipesaukee!

T-shirts are on sale now at all Project 615 locations!

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