Nashville Area Animal Shelter Has "Cuddle-grams" Available for V-Day

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day but it might just be my favorite holiday now because Williamson County Animal Center is offering "Cuddle-Grams" this year!

Yes - Cuddle Grams! You can literally send a kitten or puppy to your SO for 15 minutes of cuddle time (if you're in the Franklin/Brentwood area, of course)! Plus, they'll bring them a card and a rose...all for only $100!

Throw in an extra $25 and they'll deliver a card and a rose too! All the money raised through the "cuddle grams" will be put towards the Williamson County Animal Center Emergency Fund!

Sooooo if you're looking to get me a Valentine's Day gift, this is it. This is what I want. 

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