Girls Trade Nudes for a Puppy

I'd go to pretty far lengths to get a puppy but idk if I'd do this...A group of four freshman girls in San Antonio, Texas literally traded NUDES for a puppy!!

When Alyson saw that a friend from home was selling a few husky puppies, she reached out and asked how much it would cost to take one of the pups home. When the seller replied, he told her to "send nudes" because of course he did. 

When a dog is THIS cute, you kinda do whatever you gotta do, right?

So Alyson talked it over with her friends and they decided it needed to be done. For some unknown reason, one of her friends, Maria, happened to have another girl's nudes and offered them up for the cause! Don't worry though, she made sure the mysterious "nude sender" approved of her sending them before they made the deal.

So, the girls sent the photos off to the puppy seller and GOT A FREAKIN' PUPPY! And the rest is history!

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