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The Best Brunch Place in Tennessee is Only a Few Hours From Nashville

If we're being honest, brunch is the best meal of the day. IDK if its the most important meal, but who can turn down champagne and pancakes after a night out? The answer is no one. Literally no one.

So, being the brunch-freak that I am, I had to find the highest rated brunch places in every state! Cause, ya never know when you'll be in Wyoming and you need some freakin' waffles!

According to Delish, these are the highest rated brunch restaurants in America!

California: Zazie

I'm not really even sure what any of this food is but I WANT IT!

Florida: Datz

Is that chicken 'n waffles?? 😍😍 Seriously though, do yourself a favor and look at their Instagram. ALL of their food (and treats) look UH-MA-ZING

Missouri: Rooster

I don't even like crepes but wow...I need these!

You can't go wrong with a breakfast taco....

Are you ready for the most talked about brunch in Tennessee?

Is anyone surprised that biscuits made it on the list? NOPE!

For a full list of all the most talked about brunch in every state, click here!

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