7 of the Creepiest Places Near Nashville

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Wheatlands Plantation

Wheatlands: John Burns and Richard Parker share the centuries old history of the Chandler Family, including servants, family confrontations, spirits that remain. The property has 5 portals, places where the veil between this world and the next is thin. People cross, and they have proof. For the ghost lovers among us. #travelwriter #seeingsouthern #sevierville #tennessee #twocootstravelsevierville #twocootstravel

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In 1825, a house fire claimed the lives of 4 young children, so its not really surprising that reports claim that "child-like" spirits roam the basement of the new house built on the land.

Carnton Plantation

Carnton Plantation. #iphone7plus #iphoneography #instagramhub #photooftheday #dusk #sundown #franklintn #carntonplantation #tennessee

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The Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN overlooks a graveyard consisting of almost 1700 fallen Confederate soldiers from a nearby bloody battle. To this day, people claim to see the ghosts of Confederate troops roaming around the property.

Tennessee State Prison

My office yesterday and today - creepy yet beautiful, crumbling with a touch a asbestos. If you need me I'll be in the motor home parked next to death row in the courtyard.

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Even if you're not from Tennessee, you might recognize this one cause it was featured in The Green Mile and TWO Eric Church music videos! It was a functioning prison for nearly 100 years before it shut its doors for good. Legend has it, its still haunted by a few former inmates!

Bell Witch Cave

Oh man this place gave us the heebie-jeebies, an experience unlike any others. #BellWitch

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Back in the 1800s, a land dispute broke out between John Bell and a woman named "Kate" who promised to haunt him forever...and based on what I found, she definitely did! The family experienced some super scary sh** - knocking on the door, sounds throughout the house, etc. Eventually, John died of a "mystery" illness...aka Kate did it and now she's haunting everyone!

Sensabaugh Tunnel

Explored this creepy tunnel tonight with the roomies #tennessee #easttennessee #kingsport #kingsporttennessee #sullivancounty #haunted #tunnel #creepy #saturdaynight #activities #dark #saturday #night #friends #roomies #fun #sensabaugh #sensabaughtunnel

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No one really knows the ACTUAL story behind this tunnel, but many claim that Ed Sensabaugh, who lived near the tunnel, murdered his family and then took his own life inside the tunnel. Since then, people claim that its haunted by evil spirits and its been the go-to place for satanic rituals.

RCA Studio B

Back to the ol' two-tone paint job!

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According to some, Nashville's RCA Studio B has been haunted by Elvis ever since his death. Apparently his voice can be heard softly in the background of songs recorded in the studio!

The Orpheum Theatre

Official opening night here in Memphis! #wickednationaltour

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Memphis's Orpheum Theatre is supposedly haunted by a young girl named Mary that died in an accident nearby. She continued to haunt the grounds even after the building burnt down in 1923 (and reopened in 1928).



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