Local Artists Fill Nashville Parking Garage With Art

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Over the last couple of years, Nashville has transformed into a town FULL of beautiful art and a big part of that is due to our friends at the Nashville Walls Project! They're constantly installing new art all across the city. Their most recent project was transforming a parking garage into one GIANT art piece! You can check it all out below. 

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Starting this weekend, local artists are taking over the Elliston place parking and will be painting all next week! Directly across from cafe coco. Thanks to the Matthews Company!!

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The Nashville Walls Project got nine local artists  together to fill every level of the parking garage (located directly across from Cafe Coco) with different murals and they're all GORGEOUS! The best part is that each mural is totally different from the other - you can check out some sneak peeks below!

Nathan Brown:

Ya know that GORGEOUS mural down in the Gulch? Yeah, you can thank Nathan for that! Honestly, I'm just in awe that he can make his lines so perfect!!

Audie Adams

If his art looks familiar, its probably cause you've seen it around town already! Audie has been featured at several local festivals and his art is truly AMAZING! Plus, he even did a mural on a margarita machine at Mellow Mushroom sooo he's kinda my hero!

Tess Erlenborn:

I got the chance to meet Tess a couple weeks ago and she's the cutest thing ever! PLUS, she's going to be joining us at the Southern Women's Show April 5-8 and painting live!

@tesserlenbornart making progress inside the Elliston parking garage right across from cafe coco. It’s only day one and her mural already looks beautiful

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I'm a huge for of spray paint art, mostly cause I know I could never in a million years control anything in a spray can but also cause its gorgeous!! Folek's art is taking over the stairwell of the parking garage!

Things a brewing w/ @nashvillewallsproject me and my boy @dirty_yung_e are killing this stairway at this parking garage off elliston across from cafe coco. Come by and check It out. It should be done soon. #streetart #graffiti #things #ineverknowwhattohashtag #nashvilleartist #nashville #colors #pretty #spraypaint

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Mobe Oner:

Sometimes I look at another person's art and it just makes me angry like come on!! How can someone be THIS talented? Personally, I think his mural is going to be my favorite of the bunch! The colors are just so beautiful!

Brian Wooden:

Remember when I said Mobe's was gonna be my favorite of the bunch? I might have lied...JUST LOOK AT THIS PORTRAIT! The eyes are so realistic that it'll probably scare the sh** out of me at night, but hey...that takes skill!

They're only a few days into the project, but I'm already in LOVE!! Check out the footage below and get a taste of what you'll see when the whole project is done! I CAN'T WAIT! Just think of all the Instagram photo-opps!

Day 2 drone footage of the Elliston Garage takeover by local artists @tesserlenbornart @emilysadventures @brianwooden @too_nasty_86 @folek_folek_folek Chase @nathanbrown77 @audroc_tm @zidekahedron brought to you by @thosedrones ⚡️thanks Brian Siskind! Also, thanks to the Matthews company for making all of this possible!

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