This Indoor Picnic Restaurant in Nashville is EVERYTHING!

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Spring is FINALLY here, which just makes me think of going on picnics but noOOOoooOOo, Mother Nature just wants to be cranky and keep hitting us with crummy weather.

Luckily there's an INDOOR picnic place right here in Nashville! The Picnic Cafe on Harding Pike has been around since the early 80s and its ADORABLE! 

Like come on...look how cute it is!

This was the most adorable tea place to have lunch. Thanks to my sweet friend @pearlsandgrace for taking us there. đŸ’¯Tennessee vibes đŸ¤ 

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They're all about southern cuisine and they make everything right there in the kitchen! None of that pre-made sh**. And it all looks soooo freakin' good!

First stop down south: Cholesterol.

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PLUS! Reese Witherspoon is a fan sooo if Reese likes it, you know its good!

Thanks @reesewitherspoon for the snapchat! We love you too!#Reese Witherspoon#draperjames

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She loves it so much that even wrote a blog about it!! You can read all about it HERE.



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