Woody & Jim Made Me Think Aliens Were on Their Way to Nashville

A few of my coworkers and I have a podcast called "Never The Less..." (you should listen 😉) We're pretty cool...

Anywho...while we recording our latest episode, I brought up the latest conspiracy theory to hit the internet - "Strayed Away". Not familiar with it? Well, basically, people are getting these creepy voicemails that are believed to be linked to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, so OF COURSE they're gonna post about it on social media. But when they do, they start getting mysterious messages and their accounts are deleted. And long story short, people think this means that aliens are about to invade.

So we're just minding our own business, talking about aliens invading Earth on the podcast when all of a sudden THE POWER GOES OUT! Creepy, right? But that's not the scary part. 

Once we finished recording, we went into a meeting where I got a call from "No Caller ID" with some SUPER CREEPY robotic voice on the other line. Then Savannah got a similar call! At this point, I'm FREAKING OUT and I'm pretty much 100% convinced that we're all about to die.

After a few minutes of pure panic and tears, we finally realized that it was Woody & Jim all along! Sooooo basically, I can never trust them again. Ya know what the worst part is? SAVANNAH FILMED THE WHOLE THING!

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