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Must Have Pool Floats for the Summer

We're getting sooooo close to summer and of course that means its time for crazy pool inflatables! Cause did you really go to a pool if you don't have a picture with a taco inflatable? Nope!

So let's take a look at the weirdest/best/craziest inflatables for 2018!

Come on...don't try to tell me you don't wanna float around in a blow-up convertible! Plus it even has a freakin' cooler! So for the low, low price of $128, you can ride around in style!

Some of the pool floats we've seen are just a tad bit pricey, so the pickles have to be at the top of my list cause they're only $5!!! There's really no excuse not to have one. 

The worst part about going to the beach or the pool is when they tell you that you can't bring alcohol soooo we bringin' wine bottle pool floats instead! The best part is...they're cheap!

The giant swans were cool buuuut I think we can all agree that a peacock is better!

When I was a kid and wanted to be a mermaid it was "weird" but now its apparently cool! And these mermaid tail floaties are so cute!! Even Amber Rose agrees!

If I go home for the summer and don't bring my cousin a golden Pegasus pool float, I'll probably be disowned!

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