I Accidentally Became a Meme

5 Seconds of Summer stopped by our Acceptance Auto Insurance Lounge this week and as always, they were incredible! The guys were SUPER sweet and as a huge 5SOS fan, I was DYING inside!

So after their performance, we got our staff picture with the band and things went terribly, terribly wrong. I have NO idea what happened. I must have not been paying attention because WHAT HAPPENED!!! Why do I look like I absolutely hate my life??

Well, clearly I wasn't the only one that found this HILARIOUS! Some girl in Poland found the photo and turned me into a meme! I never knew my goal in life was to become a meme, but here we are...crossing things off my bucket list!

I had to translate it from Polish but it basically translates to "When you don't like 5SOS but mom makes you take a picture with 5SOS"

But the thing is...I LOVE them!!! This is going down as my most embarrassing moment ever.

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